What the heck is Vidiots Anonymous?

Whereas the general populace may not think it is a disorder comparable with Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, this is not just a frivolous site.


I personally have been addicted to anything with a video screen since I was a little boy, and I think it's time for this addiction to be dealt with in the same way, particularly in this day and age of cell phone "vidiocy."


From my perspective, folks like me, who are legitimately addicted to video, who "lose" as much time to our addiction, deserve the same benefits and respect as any other addiction. Why? because like every other addiction, we "steal" valuable time and resources to feed our addiction. That's what this site is dedicated to promoting.

The comic panel below (from "Machine Man," ©1978 Marvel Comics), depicts a dystopian future wherein this disease was prophesied in a parody of sorts. But it's the closest thing I can think of, every time I consider how addicted I am to computers, cell phones, and of course, massive flat-screen Smart TV sets that prevail in virtually every home -- even those in the poorest of Section 8 housing, where I currently reside.>

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